Joel Lavine

Professor of Pediatrics (tenured), Columbia University.

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Joel Lavine MD has had a long career filled with innumerable highlights that showcase his skills and importance to his field. As an academic physician-scientist, he has focused heavily on clinical research, clinical care, teaching, and program administration. Understanding his ongoing career can serve as an inspiration for people trying to break into this field, regardless of their age.

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May 17, 2022

Intrahepatic cholestasis Pediatric – Joel Lavine

According to Joel Lavine, intrahepatic cholestasis in children is associated with an increased risk of stillbirth and premature delivery. Many infants born with intrahepatic cholestasis exhibit a low heart rate and are oxygen deficient during delivery. While most cases are benign, recurrent, and may require surgery, some infants with this condition are born with permanent […]

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